An original upright script font

I worked with Nils Lindstrom at PhD Studios to create this unique script font.

Beppo is a bold upright casual script with a condensed character width and a high x-height. Beppo was based on hand painted signs seen at an italian restaurant. There is a small caps feature, which lines up to the x-height of the lowercase letters. There are contextual alternates to give a natural, hand-painted appearance. There are proportional, lining, and oldstyle figures. There are built-in automatic fractions for any number of numerators or denominators. It has a full set of accented characters or diacritics.

Beppo was designed to be used as a display font. It luxuriates in large sizes. It is at home on large signs, posters, banners, and flyers where its handcrafted detail can be seen and appreciated.

Find out more about how Beppo was created at PhD Studios.

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