Pumpkin Patch:

Some Custom Type

This is a logo that was designed originally for sour gumballs shaped like little pumpkins. It was later used for gummy candies and then for chewy fruit snacks shaped like Jack-O’-Lanterns, Cats, Crows, and Scare Crows.

The “M” in the the word Pumpkin was created as an illustration of an actual pumpkin. The rest of the letters were drawn to have a similar round bubbly feel to them. It’s a fun mixture of upper and lowercase letterforms, spontaneous and carefree.

The logo was originally designed in a single arching line, across the top of a bag, allowing you to see the candy inside through a large clear window below. Later, the logo needed to be placed on the front of a tall narrow box. This required the logo to be redesigned into a stacked arrangement.