Love Stories:

Nothing says love like two insects holding tarsi

These illustrations were created for a line of fancy gummy candies called “Love Story”. Previous illustrations that I had done were based on already existing candy shapes. But in this instance, the illustrations were created first, and the candies were modeled after them.

Included in this set of illustrations are versions that were ultimately rejected and redrawn for various reasons:

  • The ladybugs standing on their hind legs and kissing while holding hands looked to weird. It was redrawn for them to be holding hands while sitting side by side.
  • The kids looked too old (like teenagers rather than young children) and the dress on the girl looked too ‘Precious Moments’ for the client. It was redrawn to make the kids younger and for the girl to be wearing more modern clothes.
  • The bears hugging face to face obscured the face of one of the bears. It was redrawn so that their faces would both be visible while hugging.